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All things bright and beautiful


This is the  only flower in a plant box at the back of my villa. Except the flower isn’t actually a  flower, it is a vegetable, and it isn’t a plant box, it is more like everybody’s ash tray.  😀

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Mustasa (Mustard).

For days, Mustasa has been the subject of my photography affection being the only flowering plant right in the middle of  the hedges. This photo was taken yesterday. This morning, I eagerly strapped Tam on my neck and brought him to say hello to Mustasa. Lo and behold, I found Mustasa beneath the loops of a garden hose. Thanks to the Indian gardener.   

All things (are) bright and beautiful – until a garden hose hits them.



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My share of lemons

Tam is my new buddy. A gift from my sister who talks and walks and drinks and thinks Photography. She upgraded to the hefty pro level DSLR Nikon D300 so she gave her dummy-who-wishes-to-be-pro-level D40 as a Christmas gift.  Tam is my first camera. That means  I have zero aperture IQ. Google says it is  the most easy-to-use  DSLR. Great! 

My excitement turned to frustration when I went beyond Auto and  tried shooting in different modes. It felt like solving the simplest algebra problem. I am that bad at math.

Tam stayed inside his comfy case  for a couple of days wondering if  he could earn a better living as the most expensive paperweight.  Finally, yesterday I was able  to set aside my frustration and decided to know him more. There. I like to assume that Tam is a male. Just in case a stalker would point out in public, “Are you alone?” With eyeballs rolling, I would briefly quip, “No I’m not. I’m with him.” 😀

Tadaaa…meet Frankie my model. You’d better be careful in raising your opinions about this photo. It took me more than 12 hours to figure out how to make decent photos in Aperture mode. It almost drained my patience I was ready to run amok in the dead of night hahaha.

This is the part where you start to wonder what this has to do with lemons. This cliched grandmother’s wisdom is worth saying over and over again: When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila and send  life a thank you note. Ok I am just  kiddin’. For heaven’s sake make the best lemonade.

I never asked for Nikon D40. I love looking at great photos but I never thought about owning one  and learning how to use it -for FREE and 0% interest!! How cool is that? I am blessed.  If I desire to show gratefulness, then I must give myself a chance to find the passion to make the  best out of it.

By the way, if you own one and you want to know what is the best camera in the world, the answer is  “the one that’s with you”.

Here’s to my “first 10,000 worst photographs*”! CHEERS! 😀 😀 😀

*By Henri Cartier-Bresson

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“I have been so useless without you.”

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