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If I were a book

I would be  thick

On the rows of shelves

With seemingly dull cover

But glossy pages. 

The solitary witness

Of my meaning,

Of  my colors,

Of my words,

Would be the numbers

On my pages.

 For a long time

I would sit there

Damp but hopeful

Trusting on the author…

That someday…


I would be found…

Not only by some curious mind

But by my author’s own hands.


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Four years and counting

You did not quip a pick-up line like other guys would do

 You did not even say hello you just smiled the way you do. 

I called your name and you came close, you winced in tummy pain 

 You’ve eaten much that Christmas night, your face –I can’t explain.


I was at work that very time, you asked if you could come

I got you meds which you did take  and gladly said your ‘Thanks’.

We shyly did exchange some words, and laughed a little loud

Wasn’t sure of  how I looked or acted with you around.


You said that time, I looked so thin and my hair a tangled mess

You said I needed feeding and my skin was not so great.

I said you looked addicted to some dope or something less,

Not even captivating to sweep me off my feet.


I’m laughing now, as I write this, about the time we met

I never thought we would be friends and more than friends indeed,

Just funny how I turned my back and said, “I don’t like you!”

When all the while, was fighting hard just not to fall for you.


I thank you for the funny socks to keep me warm at night

For roses on my birthdays, for  “love pigs”  I delight.

For placing comb in every bag, for hugging when I’m sad

For cooking ‘till I gained more weight, something you want so bad.


I miss our church together, our long walks in the night

 You, singing me my favorite songs it really felt so right.

You always paid attention, to my stories and may rants

You know exactly days we shared including all the months.


It’s been four years and counting our love has  grown so deep

I will hold on to good mem’ries we’ve thousands more to keep.

I wouldn’t mind to count the years, the future I foresee,

As Browning said, “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.”



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Simple things

 Akkariya Mall –  I went malling with a friend. It was Thursday morning and there were only few shoppers. I have seen more potted plants and faces on print ads than mall rats milling about. We once reached a deserted wing. Eerie. My sixth sense was waiting for the lights to go off  and roll up doors at exits to go down violently  like we see in thriller movies.  But of course nothing crappy happened. It was a fine sunny day. If you wish to escape from noise it is an entirely another planet to go to on Thursday mornings. 


Tapsilog! Yey! We found Al Qarrya Restaurant after a long leisurely walk. Filipino food à la carte.   Chosilog, Bulalo, Siomai, Siopao, Beef Estofado, Biko Ube, Halo-halo..the list goes on. I am a big fan of combo meals with sinangag (fried rice) something very popular in the Philippines. I had Tapsilog served with seafood soup and beef siomai with chili sauce. Burrrp. 

Coffee Mocha

 Corsino Cafe is a quiet place to hang around on Thursday mornings. Thanks to Filipino crewmen who were nice. I like to go back there some time to while away time and relish a good cup of coffee under low warm lights. 

Now I feel better.

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Getting over

There is no use bottling up emotions. One day it will haunt you, eat you alive or  blow you up. If you were [drunk and] allowed to let out repressed emotions from deep within, what would your words be?

 Here is one last chance to finally let it out. Write a letter to someone who underestimated your abilities, crushed your hopes, consumed your patience and rejected your feelings. Anything you have been meaning to say to someone you love/loved or you miss but never, never got that one chance. Or a letter to yourself. Or your ex. Or your mom. Haha. Whatever. Click “Leave a comment”,  type away and get over it!! =)

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On pests and people

I have accidentally found this at

1948 Discovery of warfarin

  • Warfarin is an anticoagulant and pesticide. It was initially used as a pesticide but was later found to be effective and relatively safe for preventing thrombosis and embolism in many disorders and is currently the most widely used anticoagulant worldwide. It was discovered by Karl Paul Link and chemists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.[37]

To fellow Medical Technologists, next time you run a coagulation test remember this. Wierd. But true!!

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POST-IT anywhere!

 I love Post-it notes. These great little self-stick papers are useful for forgetful people like me.

The story? No one actually burned a brow overnight to invent Post-it notes. Like many other things, it was invented by accident. A guy named Spencer Silver was working in 3M Research laboratory in 1970 trying  to make a strong adhesive. What turned out was a weak adhesive that could easily be lifted off. Silver however did not discard the failed invention.

Four years later, Silver’s colleague Arthur Fry in church choir was using markers in his hymnal. It was such an inconvenience for they kept falling out of the book. Remembering Silver’s weak  adhesive, he used some and it was…bingo!

In 1980, 3M Research began distributing Post-it notes nationwide. Today, there is no denying that Post-it notes invention was not really a failure.

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  Good morning! I woke up today craving for just a steaming cup of caffeine and I ended up cooking. I have low culinary IQ so tossing anything into a griddle is already cooking :=).

I like unhurried breakfasts. Outside, the air is cool and the sun is up. My ever efficient laptop/stereo/recipe book/album/encyclopedia/etc is playing David Gates songs non-stop.

There is no such thing as a  bad morning. Coffee, anyone?

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Kid’s world

To my nephew, it seems that the best place in the world is my father’s farm yard. There, he wildly runs after  baby ducks and kittens. I hope when grows up, wherever  his life would lead him, he  still would find in his heart to go back to where his toddler feet loved most. Home.

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Ready jet set, go (Part 1)

I have always wanted to travel. Run away from the crowd, see places, meet new people, pretend I’m another ‘me’, dine, relax, break out from daily mill, and my favorite part is just look around and mentally describe people in English. Try the last part. It’s fun.

 My first annual vacation provided just that.

Well, almost.

Running away from the crowd – Riyadh’s King Khalid  International Airport is never a safe place if you wish to avoid people getting into your face.  There were faces all over – within two inches radius. I stand less than 5 feet so I got to smell that…that axilla part. Thank God I survived.

The place was dark despite the lights because of the humongous cargoes and dark napes blocking every stray light. All check in counters accommodated all passengers for different airlines. Given the density of the crowd and only a few check-in staff, I was so restless I might end up in Sri Lanka or India.

Especially not in Sri Lanka.

To the Sri Lankan government, forgive me. This only goes to 10-15 people who while on queue rudely pushed pushed pushed me around bruising my gastrocnemius muscle, increased my blood pressure, stepped on my Fila, ran over my luggage, consumed my HUgo Boss and turned my rude button on.  By the way, if you call those blanket-and-rope-bound-colossal-square-things as pieces of luggage, look at me rude people. You are wrong.

Believe me the sizes were vertiginous they could overload spacecrafts.

I was in preppy mood. And nice. I turned around, and said “Please stop”. But you did not stop. I turned around again glowered. You were oblivious. I kicked your enormous cargoes and screeched ‘STOP!’ You ignored.

I needed to vent so I sent messages to friends telling them I was being surrounded by slum dogs. 

I was relieved.

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I was born in the Philippines and the only foreign country I have been to  is KSA. That makes two if I have to count my one-boring-hour stopover in Malaysia en route to Riyadh, which doesn’t really count because that moment Kuala Lumpur was really nothing but a picture of evening lights right through  my window seat. I have always wanted see places but work A and work B (full-time and part-time job) some years ago prevented me from booking a flight to another cosmos where people are more quiet, air is fresh and with almost zero traffic.

So I ended up here in my cozy room, in a comfortable villa, in a nice compound in metropolitan Riyadh — not to getaway from work but to work –again. I have annual vacations which I promised to spend to see other places outside the 2,217,949 square kilometers dessert sand. Romantic Paris, al dente Italy, sporty Cardiff, crowned London, modern Dubai, religious Rome, clock-ticking Germany are just few among the many interesting neighboring destinations waiting for my passport. (I think I can write fiction haha!) And colorful Brazil, too! They make the world’s best flip-flops and I can brag I have a pair which I almost laminated  due to its heartbreaking price.

I have yet to receive a call or email from an ambassador of some sort from some distant touristy place but my luggage is still patiently waiting for some packing up. It has been sitting between my closet and laundry basket ready to be filled with necessities from either side.

Since I have a few months left before my annual vacation, my only consolation is that when the wind blows, I imagine smelling Switzerland. Hmm.

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