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I was not really into pets until I met Kat — playful and warm. I cannot take her to where I am  because the travel would surely make her miserable. Kat is a gift from Reagan, a friend and classmate back in college. Reagan’s family lives in another island so Bryann and I  had to cross the Davao Gulf  to get her. Ok  it was not like the nauseating longest distance across but we had to cross nonetheless. The boat ride made her sick! As a new mom err nanny to a cute puppy I was terrified to see her weak and yelping and throwing up all she had for breakfast. Whoever said something about the joy of motherhood was exaggerating. But then again resilient as pets are, Kat reached her new home drowsy but alive. 

 Our first day together was difficult as she refused to eat. Refused to drink. Refused to be touched. Refused to just anything. She felt comfortable though roaming around checking if her new home was just as good as the one she used to have. She retreated to the bathroom shutting me out of her life.  She was not interested to do anything other than to stare down at me. Huh. 

Too worried she had not eaten anything that day, I rushed to Robinson’s to buy her a variety of  puppy food and soap and some dog stuff. She ate the chicken chunks, gained energy and started to act like herself. Playful. I had no idea that it was the start of her taking over my life. I had to learn to bathe, feed, give her needs and clean up the floor for whatever she left.  I enjoyed having her around the house. Running. Barking. Tail-wagging. Getting and giving attention. When I had to leave for work, she was left with my aunt who was trying to get over grandmother’s death. I heard she has done a good job lighting up everyone’s life  in the family — and the neighbors’.

 From the way pets get into our life, change our moods, rearrange our schedules, teach us habits and  console our sorrows, we do not actually own them.

They own us. And they are pretty good at loving back.

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