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Ode to love

 I sleep and dream only of you


Between each breath, I breathe of you


I smile each day for what’s ahead


My love will grow ’till petals fade.


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All things bright and beautiful


This is the  only flower in a plant box at the back of my villa. Except the flower isn’t actually a  flower, it is a vegetable, and it isn’t a plant box, it is more like everybody’s ash tray.  😀

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Mustasa (Mustard).

For days, Mustasa has been the subject of my photography affection being the only flowering plant right in the middle of  the hedges. This photo was taken yesterday. This morning, I eagerly strapped Tam on my neck and brought him to say hello to Mustasa. Lo and behold, I found Mustasa beneath the loops of a garden hose. Thanks to the Indian gardener.   

All things (are) bright and beautiful – until a garden hose hits them.



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“I have been so useless without you.”

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Simple things

 Akkariya Mall –  I went malling with a friend. It was Thursday morning and there were only few shoppers. I have seen more potted plants and faces on print ads than mall rats milling about. We once reached a deserted wing. Eerie. My sixth sense was waiting for the lights to go off  and roll up doors at exits to go down violently  like we see in thriller movies.  But of course nothing crappy happened. It was a fine sunny day. If you wish to escape from noise it is an entirely another planet to go to on Thursday mornings. 


Tapsilog! Yey! We found Al Qarrya Restaurant after a long leisurely walk. Filipino food à la carte.   Chosilog, Bulalo, Siomai, Siopao, Beef Estofado, Biko Ube, Halo-halo..the list goes on. I am a big fan of combo meals with sinangag (fried rice) something very popular in the Philippines. I had Tapsilog served with seafood soup and beef siomai with chili sauce. Burrrp. 

Coffee Mocha

 Corsino Cafe is a quiet place to hang around on Thursday mornings. Thanks to Filipino crewmen who were nice. I like to go back there some time to while away time and relish a good cup of coffee under low warm lights. 

Now I feel better.

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Kid’s world

To my nephew, it seems that the best place in the world is my father’s farm yard. There, he wildly runs after  baby ducks and kittens. I hope when grows up, wherever  his life would lead him, he  still would find in his heart to go back to where his toddler feet loved most. Home.

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